Friday, June 11, 2010

One Book Hunted Down

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Hello Skooler,

I made it to Left Hand Books and chatted up the young people who volunteer there. Met these two incredible people who, as it turns out, were not really caffeinated: they were just teens. Amazing. I have never seen such energy. Not entirely true, but I guess it has been a while since I had seen that much enthusiasm and zest came from a human naturally, not from a human on drugs.

Ready for the hilarious part? There actually IS a guy who works at Left Hand Books who apparently does not know how to stop a one-way conversation (well, soliloquy) about Marx. At least this once, that guy exists. Anyhow, his name is X and I found out what day he works. I will sneak in and pretend to be looking for another book (as I have ordered a second book from the list). Hopefully he will seize the opportunity to talk about Marx once more and I will try to maintain eye contact and take notes.

Well, must return to the reading now.



PS. I found Joel Kovel's book there after looking in at least 5 other stores. Gotta love Left Hand Book Collective! Visit them:


  1. What a great idea! I like poetry, but have long been frustrated by poetics that remain disengaged from the political/social issues of the day...



  2. Solidarity!!

    Thivai, thanks for the comment. I like your blog too. So glad that you mentioned the interstice or the crux of poetics and politics... although I tend to think about it as "Social Poesis". Whatever the case, this conversation is quite relevant as poets and readers in the 21st century.